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Does it cost anything to sell a bike at the Swap?

There is a $5 cash fee per bike dropped off on Saturday evening and Sunday morning before the Swap.

Please bring cash to pay the $5 cash drop-off fee. This fee includes admission to the Swap! (You may write a check for a total of $15 or more, but we cannot accept credit cards during bike registration.)

*The Bicycle Coalition of Maine takes a 15% commission from the sale price of the bike to help cover the cost of the event.*

Where is the Swap? How do I get there?

The Great Maine Bike Swap is on Sunday, April 22nd, from 10:00 am—1:00 pm at the USM Sullivan Complex, located at 66 Falmouth Street in Portland.

  • We encourage you to walk, bike, or take mass transportation to the Swap, and ride your new bike home!
  • Metro Bus 2 and Metro Bus 4 stop on the USM campus. And ALL Metro Buses have bike racks!
  • Bike parking is available around the perimeter of the university garden, adjacent to the Sullivan Complex.
  • Don’t forget your bike lock (we wouldn’t want anyone to think your bike is one for sale)!
  • If you choose to drive your car, please carpool with friends! Parking is available in the USM parking garage on Surrenden Street, and is free on Sundays.
  • Check out this map of the USM Portland Campus.

What else is available at the Swap?

Bike shops, recreational nonprofit organizations, bike clubs, and bike-friendly businesses set up tables at the Swap to sell gear, parts and accessories and distribute information about trails and where to ride.

Do you love what the Bicycle Coalition of Maine is doing and want to get involved? Stop by the Bicycle Coalition of Maine Information Table to learn more about our events, programs, membership, and volunteer opportunities.

I found my bike! How do I pay for it?

Yay! You can pay for your new bicycle with cash, check, American Express, Discover MasterCard, or Visa.

Are you a member of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine? If not, you can add a year-long membership to your bike purchase and help support great events like the Swap for years to come!

After purchasing your bike, we strongly encourage you to visit your favorite bike shop to have it checked out and tuned up. You can pick up a list of all Maine bike shops at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine Information Table or visit the Coalition webpage on bike shops.

Can I test ride a bike?

Yes! Please do! Just NOT on the display floor. You can test ride your bike in our Test Ride Area before buying it. You’ll need to fill out a waiver, leave a photo ID, be fitted for a helmet, and have a quick mechanical check on the bike to give it a test ride.

  • Helmets are required to test ride bicycles, and we strongly encourage you to BYOH (Bring Your Own Helmet)!
  • Please be sure to wear proper footwear to test ride a bike safely—wear closed-toed shoes and make sure your laces are tied.
  • You must bring a photo ID to test ride a bike. (Children without photo IDs must have a parent provide theirs.)

How do I find the right bike for me?

When choosing your bike, please bear in mind the Swap is a consignment-style sale. These are used bikes, and the price of the bike and information provided on the tag is from the seller of the bicycle. In addition, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine cannot guarantee the condition of the bicycles, and all bikes sales are final.

  • Think about what kind of bike you are looking for and the kind of riding you’d like to do. Will you be commuting or getting around town? Mountain or trail riding? Road riding or touring? Volunteers at the Swap can help you find what you are looking for!
  • Where to start? Bicycles are arranged in categories by type of bike (mountain, road, kids, etc.); look for the large floor signs to find the type of bike you are looking for.
  • Consult a volunteer Bike Fit Advisor (walking the sales floor), test ride your bike, and get a mechanical check. We provide these services to help ensure your new bicycle is just right for you.
  • If you cannot find your dream bike on the racks, keep in mind that some bikes are in the test ride area being tested out by other buyers.
  • Please be mindful of other shoppers whilst considering your purchase or test riding. Make bikes that you are not buying available to others ASAP.
  • The Kids’ Bikes and Bargain Bikes section is located outside (shine) or in the Woodbury Campus Center (rain). The Bargain Bike Section is for anyone looking to buy a bike under $50. There is a separate admissions line for that section to make it easy for folks only shopping for kids’ and bargain bikes. Please keep in mind that these bicycles may have been priced very low due to their need of a lot of mechanical work, but some might just be a great deal!

What time is the Swap? How does entrance work?

The Swap begins at 10:00am and ends at 1:00pm. Please be aware that, due to the popularity of the Swaps, the first 250 people in line will be admitted entrance at 10:00am. We will then stagger the entrance every 10 minutes based on capacity.

Only looking for kids’ bikes or bargain bikes ($50 and under)? There is a separate admissions line to get into the Kids’ Bikes section of the Swap. Ask a volunteer upon your arrival, and they will direct you to that section.